Ongoing changes in reimbursement policies at major payers have left behavioral health providers struggling for new solutions to maximize revenue.

Often, the solution lies in correcting faulty processes and procedures that have developed over time within the business.

AVA will perform a full analysis of policies and procedures from admission through to the last phases of the billing cycle. From this analysis, AVA will present the facility or provider with a measurable plan of action and assist the facility in developing procedures to support a healthy revenue cycle.


The Key to proper revenue cycle management often lies in the proper training and development of company staff. Admissions, Intake, and Clinical departments are often untrained or undertrained in processes that affect the insurance billing cycle. AVA offers training and educational presentations to assist your staff in better understanding the impact of the revenue cycle on their departments. Our offerings include:

Insurance Basics for Admissions
Utilization Review Training
Documenting for Medical Necessity

These trainings seek to assist the facility in improving quality of care and increasing profitability. After the initial training, AVA is available to continue to consult and further develop staff to continue these processes.


Many third-party audits are spawned by failure to properly document service received and collect patient financial responsibility appropriately. AVA offers the opportunity for providers to have an onsite audit that evaluates the current risk posed by operating procedures and systems, if faced with an audit.


AVA has the ability to assist providers in bringing the insurance billing process in-house. Having an insurance department at your facility allows you to control the process more diligently than outsourcing. If this in an option that you wish to pursue, AVA can create processes and systems to ensure proper claims processing.

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