The AVA Advantage

All billing companies offer services. But AVA offers our clients the opportunity to partner with insurance billing experts with have the expertise and drive to comprehensively improve their systems so that they can do their jobs better.

  • Customer-Oriented
  • Dedicated to Quality & Excellence
  • Collaborative
  • Comprehensive
  • Innovative

  • Up-To-Date with Industry Changes
  • Transparent in Our Processes
  • Dedicated and Driven by Service

Beyond Services

We Specialize in Solutions That Will Improve Your Business and Ensure Quality Client-Care.

AVA Billing offers solutions to problems providers face with third party payers.

We understand that behavioral health providers are met with different challenges and opportunities than other fields of healthcare. The challenges faced are always changing and we want to take the stress of insurance off your shoulders. Allow us to help you streamline processesincrease revenue, and drive an effective collections system within your organization.

We are able to offer support at any level.  Whether you want to improve and refine existing services, start something from scratch in-house, or hire us to handle the entire billing process for you, we are able to collaborate with you and your staff to make your business systems work better for you AND for your clients.

Comprehensive Billing Solutions


Benefits Analysis


Utilization Review


Denials and Appeals


Consulting & Staff Training

Optimize Your Intake & Administrative Processes

  • Receive a comprehensive analysis of your intake and billing process.
  • Correct facilty processes and procedures.
  • Develop air-tight operating systems to support a healthy revenue cycle.

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Train and Develop Your Staff

  • Properly train staff in the revenue cycle and what is required of their departments.
  • Improve quality of care.
  • Increase profitability.

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