AVA was born out of a simple idea ...

If Behavioral Healthcare Providers had a resource to assist and educate on how to handle administrative functions, would there be more ethical behavior?

The Behavioral Healthcare industry is at a turning point. Unethical and Illegal practices have unfortunately become more of the rule rather than the exception. The lack of regulation in this field has lead to an increase in unethical practices. AVA seeks to help ethical providers, and those wanting those wishing to be more compliant, achieve maximum reimbursement from carriers and manage administrative tasks. 

Navigating the changing landscape of the behavioral health care field, and the ever changing rates paid by insurance carriers, AVA recognized that many people were under trained in the necessary components of ensuring financial sustainability. After working at multiple nationally recognized treatment centers, AVA recognized the need for more understanding and cohesion amongst all of the different, necessary, components essential for ensuring financial success for businesses and ensuring individuals seeking care were able to maximize their benefits to lower their healthcare costs.