Our Billing Process

We focus on ways to maximize revenue. 

We assist you in developing processes that streamline current systems with the intent to increase payments. Our goal is to have our client's understand the process and be as involved in the process as they would like to be. 


Analysis of benefits

Understanding a client's benefits is the first step in the billing process. AVA's process is different that the average billing company. We have found that by utilizing clinical data to project the anticipated return by authorization ensures that providers are maximizing their potential revenue and screening potential admissions appropriately. 

Utilization Review

The Utilization Review Process is crucial to claims processing and payment. Without an authorization, behavioral health claims are unlikely to be paid. AVA will evaluate current processes and identify the best means to complete this process for you or to assist you in training and developing internal staff to handle this process. 



Claims Submission & Follow up

AVA offers a full-service claims submission and follow up process.  Unlike most billing companies, AVA leaves no stone unturned.  AVA will submit claims in a timely manner and tireless fight for your revenue. We provide updates to the claims process on a weekly basis ensuring transparency throughout.