The AVA Benefit Analysis

Most billing companies provide a basic verification of benefits.
AVA Billing takes this a step above, giving you a full benefit analysis.

A basic description of coverage gives the facility an idea of what to expect in terms of reimbursement. Information obtained includes member responsibility, maximums, and plan specific information regarding coverage. 

AVA Billing builds on this process to give providers a better idea of what to expect their coverage to look like. We utilize our database of knowledge and plan specific payment history to give you a realistic idea of what to expect if this client is going to admit. 



AVA Verification Specialists will provide the facility with the following information:

  • Patient policy deductible and out-of-pocket responsibility (Member Responsbility)
  • Co-insurance and administrative co-payments
  • Benefit limits and policy maximums
  • Reimbursement estimates
  • Pre-authorization and clinical requirements for admissions


Medical necessity analysis

AVA takes it a step above other billing companies by providing an estimate of authorization potential based on a brief clinical snapshot provided by your facility.  Using the information gathered, we can more accurately gauge the actual return from a carrier for the client's that you have admitted.